Thatch roof


Thatched roofing is a familiar sight in South Africa. From gardens to beachside it is used to provide shaded structures both large and small. It is easy to see why: thatching is environmentally friendly; it is aesthetically pleasing and, when properly looked after, can last as long as 35 years.
To build a thatch roof is a skill. There are certain steps to be taken for best, longer lasting structures and covering. A few things to take into consideration are: pole thickness, thickness of covering and correct building of the structure.

Maintaining your thatch is crucial. Prevention is better than cure. Comb, brush and do minor repairs on the covering when necessary. Make sure that birds are not causing damage by pulling the covering out.
We do assessment and repairs on existing thatch roofs as well as new thatch roofs and lapas.

For more info on Thatching and its history look at Wikipedia

Thatch roof under construction

Roof in Progress at Kwa Maritane

Thatch Restaurant - Kwa Maritane

Thatch Restaurant – Kwa Maritane