Home renovation

Let us take you on a journey with your home renovation. My team of builders who have been working with me for years will use there experience that they have gathered in home renovation and maintenance, renovations and with clinical finishing, you will feel like we were never there.

As a builder I have taken on every project that you can think of weather it is alteration or renovation project. Or even if you require a wall to be plastered and painted by my highly skilled painters please don’t think any job is to big or to small let us give you a quote on a new house or on a renovation job and let my great money saving prices knock your shoes off.

Home Renovation

When it comes to home renovation you want to make sure you are builder is a NHBRC approved builder as there are more to it then to just go and break down walls drill holes etc. Things you should take in consideration are weather the wall you want to remove is a carry wall the location of water pipes your electricity box (db board) will you have to re wire. As you can see I can go on for hours but can give you all these answers with in minutes by just looking at your house.

We have a strong relationship with our qualified electrician who we use if we build new houses or home renovation who we highly recommend for any electrical work from COC to commercial services,  give us a call for further details with our electrician.

We are currently doing home renovations in the east of Pretoria. This building project will be up on our website before the end of the month and we hope to see you back on our website to have a look at what we have been up to..